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Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page
Custom Label Cigars - Home Page

On This Site You Will Find The Finest Custom Cigar Bands Available Since 1997...The Best Designs & The Highest Quality

  • Designed by graphic design professionals using professional grade software

  • Die-cut by computer ensuring ultra-accurate results

  • Test printed and proofed prior to production

Only at by Fletcher Cigar Company

Each cigar band is custom designed around your logo/artwork. Order you personalized cigar bands from us today.

  • True die-cut cigar bands (classic, traditional, modern) = many shapes to choose from (and new unique custom shapes available!)

  • Printed in high-resolution vibrant full color

  • Ultra accurate computerized die-cutting system

  • Glossy inking process

  • Quick turnaround time

Professionally Designed Versus Designing Online
(Learn about the important differences...)

You can order your personalized cigar bands in quantities as low as 100!

And with every order, you receive a $17.00 Gold finished Guillotine CIgar Cutter

We have been creating short-run custom label cigar bands for cigar manufacturer's limited editions, for business promotions and for personal events since 1997.

If you are looking for personalized custom cigar bands, you found the right place!

private label cigar bands

Our cigar bands are known to be the finest in the industry. We design each one to your specifications. We don't just drop in some text or a logo to a preformatted band and say we're finished. Not here. 

That's why we don't offer online ordering. You see, this is the place where you get personalized attention for YOUR personalized cigar band. We need to discuss what YOU want...either by email or by telephone. We create a proof and if it needs changing to please you, we'll change it. Simple. 

It's called customer service. Frankly, we're not happy until you are.

Please take a look around this site and check out the custom cigar band samples. We have delivered thousands of different cigar bands to companies and individuals all over the country. We would like to work with you on your cigar band too. As you will see as you explore our site, we have designed custom cigar bands for some of the most recognized brands and companies around. But we are equally proud of our work when we design a personalized cigar band for your wedding or birthday or other personal event.



We have custom cigar bands for any event: custom wedding cigar bands, custom birthday cigar bands, custom golf outing cigar bands, custom holiday cigar bands, custom baby girl and baby boy cigar bands, custom business promotion cigar bands. You name, we have it (or we can certainly design it).


Fletcher Cigar Company has offered the finest custom cigar bands since 1997. Our customers have placed orders for custom cigars and custom cigar bands for every imaginable occasion from weddings to golfing events and everything in-between. We are proud to have been a part of thousands of celebrations and events across the country and the world. 

Each private label cigar band is custom designed for you

custom cigar bands

You found THE place for the finest private label custom cigar bands available anywhere!
custom label cigar bands
Why are we a successful custom cigar band manufacturer? Simple...every order is important to us because it is important to you.


personalized cigar bands

Check around, see if anyone does personalized cigar bands like we do

custom shaped cigar bands - new die cut shape 9

To Order...Call 877-726-5886

 *** FREE *** 
With Your Order Of
Custom Cigar Bands

Gold Guillotine Cutter 
$17.00 value

This high quality executive gold heavy body guillotine cutter looks amazing and possesses an unmatched weigh and feel (over 1/3 of a pound in weight). 

Its smooth sliding function and double stainless steel blade delivers the perfect cut every time and accommodates up to a 60 ring size cigar. Gift box is included.


 *** NEW *** 

We are the only source of custom shaped cigar bands for small quantities. 

We use a new and unique computerized die-cutting system that allows us to economically offer custom shaped cigar bands. 

This was impossible until now. And this is the ONLY place that you will find this amazing service. 


Want a custom shape for your personalized cigar band in quantities 1,000 or less? We are the ONLY company that can do that for you! Call us today.

See some of our custom cigar shapes here.